"At Henkel, we recognize our responsibilities regarding the purchase and use of ingredients based on renewable raw materials. For this reason, we are committed to ensuring that the ingredients for our products are made from sustainable palm oil and palm kernel oil. We have set ambitious goals for 2025 and, building on existing certifications, we intend to develop our supply chains to ensure full NDPE compliance (No Deforestation, No Peat, No Exploitation). We aim to ensure that the palm oil and palm kernel oil used as ingredients in our products do not contribute to the deforestation of primary or secondary rainforests with significant ecological value. These include peat lands and other high-carbon stock areas. In addition, we intend to continuously develop traceability and transparency. We also aim to further improve the livelihoods of smallholders while playing our part in climate protection and adaptation to climate change.

Our purchase of palm oil-related materials accounts for less than 0.2 percent of the palm oil and palm kernel oil produced worldwide. The majority of this is palm kernel oil as the basis for surfactants that we use in our detergents and cosmetic products. These materials are at the end of a long and often highly complex supply chain. For this reason, Henkel is committed to driving progress toward achieving sustainable practices across the palm oil industry – along the entire value chain."

Henkel Norden